KMC Property Tax

In Kolkata, property tax is paid to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation or KMC. In December of the year 2016, Kolkata Property Amendment Bill 2016 was introduced to make the process uncomplicated and transparent. Property Tax payment Kolkata follows the Unit Area Assessment (UAA) system. The Unit Area Value system is also followed by Delhi.

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Property Tax Payment Kolkata

Offline Process

Property tax in Kolkata can be paid by first acquiring the application by visiting the Municipal Corporation or in one of the Assessment-Collection department offices. The form has to be submitted to the respective authority after filling in the required details. 

Once done the amount can be deposited directly at the Municipal Corporation or in one of the official banks. The challan issued is proof of payment of property tax in Kolkata.

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Online Process

The online process can be completed with ease. 

  1. Visit, which is the official portal of KMC. 
  2. Under the Online Services option, select the Assessment-Collection option.
  3. To find out your Assessee Number, select the ‘Assessee Information Search’ option and enter your Ward details.
  4. Next, from the Assessment-Collection page, select the ‘Make Online Payment’ option.
  5. Select one of the three options displayed: Current PD, Outstanding LOI, Fresh-Supplementary.
  6. Current PD is the Periodic Demand of bills, Outstanding LOI; the Letter of Intimation or Arrears for unpaid tax bills and Fresh-Supplementary includes the bills issued after changes made on the previous bills or first assessment bills
  7. On the directed form, fill in Assessee Number, Contact Number, and Email ID. Click on the ‘Pay’ button and you will be directed to a page with the amount details. 
  8. Property tax payment Kolkata can be made either through Internet Banking or Debit/Credit Card. 
  9. An e-receipt of payment will be generated, which can be saved and printed for later use.

To facilitate the overall property tax payment Kolkata process, KMC is planning to introduce a WhatsApp method. In the process, to the registered WhatsApp number administered by the municipal commissioner, citizens can apply for the assessment of the property. 

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