Delhi Property Tax Payment

In Delhi, the property tax is to be paid to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). MCD follows the Unit Area system for the calculation of property tax. Delhi Property Tax payment can be done through an online or offline process.

The municipalities are divided into three categories, South MCD, North MCD, and East MCD. The tax varies for residential, commercial, and industrial properties accordingly. 

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How to do Delhi Property Tax Payment?

Offline Process

Delhi property tax payment can be made either through ITZ Cash payments or depositing cheques at the bank branches of HDFC and Axis. The ITZ Cash outlets are present across Delhi. A property tax ID and receipt are issued instantly. 

Online Process

  1. Visit select your registered property municipality. 
  2. On the portal select the ‘Property Tax’ option under which select ‘Citizen Login’. 
  3. Select ‘New User Click Here’ fill in the details and complete the process through OTP Verification.
  4. After logging in, on the directed page select ‘Search Property on UPIC’. Fill in the required Search Property Details.
  5. On the table of results displayed, choose the ‘Actions’ options and under this the ‘Use this Property to Pay Tax’.
  6. Next, fill in the two sections on the form, i.e. Property Details and Owner Details. After submitting, proceed to Tax Calculation and Payment.
  7. Fill in the three sections on the form, Property and Owner Details, Tax Payable. Select the ‘Next’ button after filling in the details. 
  8. On the page, choose the ‘Calculate Tax’ option. Select the ‘Pay Tax’ option. On the directed page choose the ‘Next’ option.
  9. Choose your payment gateway option and registered bank on the Online Payment page.
  10. On the directed page, choose the method of payment.
  11. The final step is payment through OTP Verification. 
  12. You can view the details on the Your Registered Property Details Page.

Make sure you complete the Delhi Property Tax payment on time to avoid any penalties and consequences.

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