What do you understand about Khata and Khata transfer? Do you know about the types of Khata? How do you do Khata transfer online in Bengaluru? Do you know about Khata conversion? We’ll help you find solutions to all these questions through this article.

Let us first understand the terms Khata and Khata transfer in Bengaluru. The Karnataka Municipal Corporation issues a legal document known as Khata. Every person who owns a property in Bengaluru must have a Khata. This enables the owner to pay property tax and to get loans from banks and construct the property.

Khata contains information about the owner. It also tells us the location, built-up area, and size of the property. It is an important document maintained by BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike). Now, let’s explain Khata by way of two documents. These two documents are a Khata certificate and the Khata extract.


We need a Khata certificate for the transfer of property. We also use a Khata certificate to apply for water and electricity connections. The Khata certificate defines the ownership of the property.


A Khata extract is a document that is in a more detailed form. It gives all the relevant information about the property. It contains information about the property’s size, location, and its use. One can link this document for the calculation of property tax as well.


In the case of a new property, one must get the Khata registration done. For this, you can fill out an application form and pay the registration fees to make the Khata available.

What are the types of Khata in Bengaluru? There are two types of Khata in Bengaluru. One is A Khata and the other is B Khata.

Now what is A Khata and B Khata?

A khata is a legal document that contains all the relevant details of the property. It lists the components such as plot size and location of the property. A Khata enables construction on the plot.

B Khata is an illegal document in which the owner has no right of construction or availing loan. But one pays property tax in B Khata as well.

Conversion of B Khata to A Khata

To convert B Khata to A Khata, the property owner must pay all its dues and property tax. He must pay the conversion charges as well. This resolves all legal irregularities.

What is Khata transfer in Bengaluru

Khata transfer in Bengaluru is the transfer of ownership of the property. The owner must inform about the Khata transfer in Bengaluru. This marks an update in the government records. Transfer of ownership takes place in the selling of property, death of the property owner, or gift. Earlier, the process of Khata transfer in Bengaluru was time-consuming. But now, by following the online process, it has become simplified. Once the process is complete, one can check the status of that transfer application online.

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