Hyderabad being the capital of Telangana has become one of the big metropolitan cities in India. With the development in the IT Sector, engineering sector, and education sector, it has become a growing hub for migrants. Thus, people prefer rental house properties that are affordable and within proximity to their workplace. So, a Property Management company in Hyderabad can help them find a suitable place as per their needs. It provides services like site visits, background checks, Police verification, etc. A Property Management Company deals with the landowners and provides them end-to-end services. Tenant police verification in Hydearbad is done by the landowner to avoid any repercussions like fraud, damage to property, or any criminal activity in the future. Verification of tenants is of utmost importance to check their past history.

Police verification of tenants can be done either by offline or online method.


STEP 1: Visit the link
STEP 2: Click on tenant verification form and download the form
STEP 3: Fill in all the details of the tenant and owner
STEP 4: Attach the following documents: 
a) ID proof of the tenant
b) ID proof of the owner
STEP 5: Submit the form along with the documents. 
STEP 6: You will get an acknowledgment receipt. Keep the receipt for future reference.


For online police verification of tenants, follow the below-mentioned steps:

STEP 1: Download an app HAWKEYE from your mobile play store
STEP 2: Sign up if you are a new user
STEP 3: If you are a new user > then create a login ID & password
STEP 4: Once you create the login ID and password, you’ll receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP to verify your account.
STEP 5: You can now log in by entering your login ID and password.
STEP 6: Now you have to “Choose your commissionerate”
STEP 7: Now click on “Register with Police”
STEP 8: Choose “Person Type” > Enter all the details > Submit
STEP 9: Once you submit, you’ll receive a verification report from the police within a week.

The process of police verification of Tenants is free of cost. It is not mandatory but the landowners should get the police verification done as per Section 188

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