Every person has one dream in his wishlist for which he saves money and tries to fulfill at some point of time. That dream is to have a house of his own. What a sense of achievement and excitement it is to own your dream home. It gives you a feeling of immense happiness to be at a place which you desire for in your life. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, one might not be able to take possession of your property from the builder. It can be due to some family emergency or some medical or professional emergency. But, these situations should not stop you from taking possession of your property. It is because Housewise.in is here to help you in every way to take possession of your property from the builder in Ahmedabad even if you are not in Ahmedabad.

Housewise provides the following possession services:

  1. Initial inspection of property in terms of completion of the work and identifying the defective points
  2. Once our team identifies the defective points, it prepares the list of the same and submits it to the builder. This is done on behalf of the owner.
  3. After the list of defective areas to be worked upon is submitted, our team follows-up with the builder.
  4. Next we do the periodic supervision of work
  5. After this, there is clearance of possession and assistance in possession formality

How do we do this?

  • Firstly, the owner or concerned party contacts us through our web portal- housewise.in. Post that, we collect all the required details from them. Once the contract is signed, we send a confirmation mail to the owner.
  • Our team representative contacts the builder and submits the proof of contract /agreement to take possession of the property on behalf of the owner. Thus we make sure that a smooth handover takes place and any issue which might arise in future is avoided.
  • Once this process goes smoothly, we visit the property and inspect the property in terms of completion of the work and necessary original documents in a thorough manner.  This way, we can identify any defect points or incomplete areas.
  • If our team comes across any issue, we submit the list of defects to the builder through the owner.
  • We regularly follow-up until the builder resolves the issues as per the submitted pending list.
  • In addition to that, our team performs periodic supervision of work. And after all the issues are resolved, we do a final inspection on the property.
  • Once it is made sure that everything is fine, we take possession of the property on behalf of the owner.

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What do we inspect while we take possession of your property from a builder in Ahmedabad if you are not in Ahmedabad?


It is made sure that all the original documents and photocopies of the same are taken from the builder before taking the keys. Documents like No Objection Certificate, Encumbrance certificate, Commencement Certificate, Completion Certificate, and all the other documents, all are obtained on the owner’s behalf. Once these documents are attained, our team will thoroughly check these documents.

Features and fittings:

Fixtures and fittings are a really important part that our team checks before taking possession of the property. These include an electrical switchboard, doorknobs, bathroom fittings, etc. Also, it is made sure that the builder provides the same brand that he promised to the owner at the time of booking.


Every person who plans to purchase a property expects to avail the benefit of amenities which are provided by the builder. Builders ususally promise a plethora of amenities such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, or even a golf course at the time of booking. But there can be cases that some of these might be delayed at the time of possession. So, our team makes sure that these amenities are available as per the agreement.

Switches and plug points:

We ensure that all the sockets, plugs, and bulb holders are working properly and are connected to the main supply. Our team checks if the main fuse in the house is working properly or not. We also check if the Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is of good quality.

Wall paints and cracks:

Before taking possession of the property, our team ensures that the walls are free from any cracks or scratches or patches. This is another important thing that we check when we take possession of your property from the builder in Ahmedabad on your behalf.

Drainage outlets:

One of the main areas that our team checks before taking possession of a property from the builder is the drainage outlets. We check all the drainage outlets in your property and make sure that they are working properly. We also check all the taps and bathroom fittings are in working condition and there are no leakages or sewage problems in the bathroom or kitchen.

Obtain all sets of keys:

Once we thoroughly inspect and complete all the above-mentioned processes, our team collects all sets of keys from the builder. This includes the set of keys for your property from the maintenance agency too if they have one.

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Are you still in doubt?

We, at Housewise ensure that our client gets the best services in the most efficient way. And that is the reason, our team stays in constant touch with the owner throughout the whole process of taking possession of your property from a builder in Ahmedabad even if you are not in Ahmedabad. Our team provides constant support to our clients by updating them on a regular basis.

We also arrange a video call session to show you the property. Our representative would video call you while inspecting the property. Then you can watch and enjoy the beauty of your property yourself.  Being India’s top property management company, Housewise offers you hassle-free experience to deal with your property. So if you are wondering how to take possession of the property from the builder in Ahmedabad, contact Housewise now! And stay relaxed and worry-free. Whatever your property management needs are, Housewise is there to help you in the best possible way!

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