In metropolitan cities like Pune, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore, there is an increase in tenant culture. Pune, being the second-largest city in Maharashtra, is a corporate and education hub. People generally look for rental accommodation that is safe, budget-friendly, and close to the workplace. So, before renting out a property, Police Verification of Tenants in Pune is important. A Property Management Company in India provides services like background checks, E2E services, and Online rent agreement services for customers.


It is done in two ways: Online and Offline


STEP 1: For Police Verification of Tenants in Pune, Register the tenant’s details online. Firstly, visit the site: 
STEP 2: Click on “Create citizen login” on the right side of the page. Fill in all the personal details and ‘Submit’. Fill the OTP from your registered mobile number > Submit.
STEP 3: Go to this link and Download Offline Eforms.
STEP 4: It’ll show you various options.
Select “Tenant Verification Form” > enter the captcha code > “Download”.
Download an HTML file which will be used in the next step.
STEP 5: Now go to the link  and login under “Citizen login”.
STEP 6: Select “CITIZEN SERVICES” and go to Tenant information detail.
STEP 7: Fill in all the details:
a) Owner Information
b) Tenant Information
c) Family Member Information 
d) Affidavit
Upload a copy of ID proof and photos. Also, upload the form downloaded offline in step 4
STEP 8: Now, click on “Submit”.
STEP 9: Post submission, you’ll see a “service request number”. This service request number is important when you need a printout or show it as proof to police authorities. 
STEP 10:  Once you take 2 printouts of this pdf form, attach a copy of the following:
a) Paste a passport size photo of the tenant
b) Rent agreement
c) Tenant’s ID proof
d) Tenant’s ID proof from his workplace
e) Owner’s PAN card & Aadhaar card
NOTE: These documents are compulsory as they’ll be shown at the police station along with the form.
STEP 11: An entry of tenants’ and landlords’ details is made in the register. Once this is done, the police authorities will put a stamp on the form along with the date when it was submitted.
STEP 12: Then one copy is kept with the police authorities and the other is kept with the owner.


Lastly, when the form is filled by the vendor/ broker, there is a provision where, in Online process, a pop-up is generated and the form is downloaded automatically.


The offline process for Police Verification of tenants is given below:

STEP 1: Collect the form from the nearby police station 
Downloaded the form online from this Link.
STEP 2: Take the form along with the following documents:
a) Two passport size photographs of tenant and
b) OwnerID proof of Tenant (Adhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License)
c) ID proof of landlord
STEP 3: Once you fill out the form & attach the documents, submit it to the police authorities.
STEP 4: Lastly, you’ll get an acknowledgment receipt. This receipt should be kept safe for future purposes.

Although, the online process is difficult, but this process is highly recommende. On the contrary, in the offline case, if the data goes missing, it cannot be retrieved. 
In case a landlord fails to do the police verification of tenants, he/she will be liable for a penalty of up to Rs. 200 or imprisonment of one month or both. This process is free of cost and is necessary for the safety of property owners.

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