Renting out a land sounds a profitable choice to many of us. The soaring demand for rental houses from migrating people in cities makes it a smart avenue for property owners. Some people close the eyes to the importance of police verification form for tenants and rent out their properties without performing legal police verification procedure for tenants. This is not only dangerous for your home but also your security as a property owner. If you do not complete the police verification procedure for tenants, you can be held accountable for this carelessness if your renter is involved in any illegal activity. Read the procedures to be followed for Tenant Police Verification in Mumbai

What are the procedures for Tenant Police Verification in Mumbai

Form for tenant police verification in Mumbai

As a property owner, you must be careful enough while choosing tenants since the profitability of your investments depends totally on the type of tenant you have selected for your land. The tenant police verification form is an essential part of this screening procedure, which should be appropriately monitored for your security. In case you lease your land without going through tenant police verification procedures, the problem may hit you at any time in the future.

Online Tenant police verification

Online police verification for rent agreement has been made mandatory for property owners to carry out police verification of their tenants. Any breakdown in this regard may call for a penitentiary term or a monetary fine. Under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) that recounts disobedience of order suitably circulated by a public servant, a lawbreaker might be punished with simple locking up for a period that may extend to one month or with a monetary fine that may extend to Rs 200.

Legal implications of Tenant police verification

Since the monetary penalty is of no value, time and again, due care is not taken to follow the set of laws. By the look of it, the renter appears all right to you and the problem to follow the police verification procedure for tenants may well be avoided, you assume. But let me tell you, even if the whole thing is acceptable a property-owner can still be booked. According to Section 188, it is not required that the lawbreaker should mean to produce any damage, or consider his noncompliance as likely to create harm. It is enough that he is on familiar terms with the order which he disobeys, and that his disobedience produces, or is probable to produce damage.

Therefore, it is obligatory for landholders to get the police verification procedure for tenants followed while accommodating a renter. You need to appropriately fill the tenant verification form with particulars of the renter whom you propose to let out your property. Police make use of information provided by you to authenticate the background of your renter. This helps you to make sure that the soon-to-be tenants are not scandalous or of bothersome nature. You can collect police verification form for tenants yourself from the nearest police station or carry out online police verification for rent agreement.

The tenant police verification in mumbai helps a property-owner make sure that his leaseholders are capable of paying the rental fee on time and are not bothersome or having any criminal background. Tenant verification form plays a significant and fundamental role in finding the finest renters for your leasing property. Successful property-owners recognize that police verification procedure for tenants is the most critical task when renting a property. The online police verification for rent agreement can be either done by the landholder himself or by a hired practiced service provider. At the moment, renting land is one of the central sources of income for property owners, and police verification form for tenants makes sure that tenants belong to a decent background.

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