Hyderabad is making strides as a zone of fast growth and burgeoning. As a city bubbling with investment opportunities in housing and commercial real estate as well as infrastructural flourishing, here is your guide to the best places to invest in Hyderabad!

Best Places To Invest in Hyderabad


With several upcoming residential projects awaiting launch, Bachupally is expected to grow abundantly because of its social infrastructure lined with some of the best schools and colleges, hospitals, and shopping complexes. Affordable land availability and great short-term and long-term returns make Bachupally an ideal choice for investments. The growth of the IT sector in the area also serves as a benefactor in making it one of the best places to invest in Hyderabad. 

Average Price Per Sq. Ft. in Bachupally = ₹4,565


Making fast progress in infrastructural development, Gachibowli is emerging as a strong contender for investment. It is a popular IT suburb, which makes it an attractive destination offering high returns. With residential projects taking leaps and proximity to the Outer Ring Road which offers great connectivity, development in the area ensures low risks and high returns.

Average Price Per Sq. Ft. in Gachibowli = ₹7,866

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An up and coming investment hotspot that is highly likely to prosper is Shankarpally. Its growth can be attributed to easy accessibility and connectivity and social infrastructure development. Already attracting investments from IT companies, the locality’s real estate is likely to appreciate immensely in the coming years, making it one of the best places to invest in Hyderabad for those looking for residential or commercial real estate. 

Average Price Per Sq. Ft. in Shankarpally = ₹6,183


Rapidly growing as a hub for residential development and commercial real estate, Kondapur offers great connectivity and affordable living opportunities, which have led to a great influx in citizenship over the past few years. Many top developers have mined this chance to build residential complexes and townships in the area which are equipped with quality facilities, which are perfect for residential and commercial real estate investment. 

Average Price Per Sq. Ft. in Kondapur = ₹6,671

The exponential socio-economic growth that Hyderabad is witnessing makes it hot iron which you can strike right now! These best places to invest in Hyderabad offer great opportunities for returns that you can make the most of. Hope this article facilitates making a sound investment choice for you. 

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