Property Tax is a tax paid by the owner of the property. The owner can be an individual or any corporation. The local government calculates property tax on the market value of the property owned. The rate of tax also varies with the jurisdiction.

On transferring the property/ownership to another person, the name on property tax records changes. Otherwise, the previous owner is liable for paying the property tax. So, a notification about the change of ownership is notified to the local government. There is an offline procedure for changing the name in the Property tax records under PCMC. 

STEP 1: Write an application regarding change of name in property tax records
STEP 2: Attach the following documents with the application:
a) Citizen Index II
b) ID card of the new owner (Aadhaar Card/ PAN Card)
STEP 3: There are four Zonal offices (A, B, C, and D). Submit the application form at the tax department of the nearby zonal office. Also, carry the documents along with.

This is a process of around 45 days and the status will change once the tax department verifies the application.

In order to avoid any misuse of any information, only an offline process is conducted. 

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