Think about this. You’re working in a lucrative job and finally earn enough money to build your dream house in Chennai. You buy the right plot, get the right permits and the construction begins. Everything’s going smoothly for the first few months until your company asks you to relocate overseas. You pack your bags and move abroad, while your dream house’s construction continues. Finally when it’s ready after a few years, your builder proposes getting your flat registered with the Government. So what to do when the builder proposes registration of your flat in Chennai but you are not in Chennai? That’s where Housewise can help you out. Once granted the power of attorney, Housewise can complete the flat’s registration on your behalf until you’re ready to take it over. 

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1. Procedure for registration of flat in Chennai

  1. Once granted the power of attorney by the owner, a Housewise representative goes to the Registrar’s office.
  2. The representative then undertakes the registration process on the owner’s behalf.
  3. If all the documents are found in order, the flat’s registration process is successfully completed.
  4. Post registration, if the owner wishes for Housewise to take possession of the property, that can be done too.

2. Procedure for property possession (Post-registration of flat)

  1. After granting the power of attorney to Housewise, owner sends the authorization proof to builder.
  2. Once the builder receives the authorization proof, a Housewise representative takes the keys from the builder and completes the property possession procedure.

3. Post possession services

  1. Once the and keys and the property are taken over by Housewise, a thorough inspection is carried out to detect any construction or documentation issues that need resolving.
  2. During this time, Housewise is in constant contact with the owner and even shows the property to them via video calling.
  3. In case any issues are found during the inspection, Housewise takes around 2 to 3 months to resolve them.

4. Payment

Housewise follows Milestone based payment for registration of flat in Chennai and possession services. The process is completely online and the owner pays a certain portion of the amount after the possession. After the inspection is complete, the remaining amount is paid.

You never know where you’ll be in the next two or five years of your life. Work commitments, or even life, may transfer you to the other end of the world. So make sure that your property is in the right hands when you’re far away.

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