Got your keys to your new apartment? Several amenities like a playground, a beautiful garden, a jogging track, a swimming pool, and a gymnasium sound amazing. You are about to kickstart your leisure and luxurious life. But before moving in, you need to assure the quality of house. A pre-possession checklist, is a list to be crossed with your new home/apartment before taking possession. It may look like a massive task, but we have made it simple for you to understand the essentials of the pre-possession checklist.

New Flat Possession Checklist:

1) Amenities:

Builders offer a range of amenities like a swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, garden, and vehicle parking at the time of property booking. One must check whether the appropriate amenities are provided as once promised. You should always check whether the lifts are operating, especially when your apartment is on higher levels.

2) Wall Paints & Other Checklist:

Before you take over your dream property, you should check the wall paints and make sure that it has a double coat of paint, and that there are no cracks, patches, or stains on them. Also, check if the windows and doors are opening smoothly. Contact the owner or builder immediately in case of any defects.

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3) Water Fittings and Leakages: 

Check all the fittings and leakages are fixed and everlasting. Make sure that the bathroom and kitchen pipelines and taps are not damaged. There should be no leakage and there must be a proper drainage facility on the entire property. These minor things should list on the top of your new flat possession checklist.

4) DTH Facility: 

One must check the proper inspection of DTH services. It ensures a smooth entertainment experience from the comfort of your new home. Most of the builders have tie-ups with well-reputed DTH service providers. These service providers offer a package deal to their potential tenants.

5) Electrical Fittings:

Check all the switches and plugs by turning them on and off at least once. Ensure every switch is working properly and connected to the main supply. Also, check if the electricity and MCB supply is transferable from the main supply to inverters or not.

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Having a pre-possession checklist can save you time and effort when you’re about to begin a new journey with your home. One must properly examine these specifications to experience a comfortable lifestyle. We at Housewise offer you affordable home locations with maximum quality services. Make a call today!

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