Every person dreams to have his/her own house one day. They work hard to fulfill the dream of owning a house. And once you do it, it gives a complete sense of accomplishment. The happiness of owning a house is incomparable. It makes you feel secure and proud of having an asset of your own.

But, at times, there are chances that you may not take possession on the prescribed date. It may be due to some unavoidable circumstances. No need to get disappointed because Housewise will resolve all your issues. So, if you want to take possession from a builder in Hyderabad while being away from Hyderabad, Housewise will help you!

Possession services offered by Housewise

The Housewise team does the preliminary inspection of the property. With the help of this, the team identifies any defective or damaged areas and makes a list of all the defects. Our team then informs the builder and takes follow-up to get the work completed.

How do we do this?

  • The owner of the property will contact us through our portal- housewise.in
  • The Housewise team will collect all the relevant details.
  • After signing the contract, we will send a confirmation mail to the owner.
  • After this, our representative will contact the builder and submit the agreement proof. It is done to take possession of the property on the owner’s behalf. It ensures a smooth handover and makes the process hassle-free.
  • Once this process is completed, we visit the property for a thorough inspection. This way, we can identify any defect points or incomplete areas.
  • In case of any deviation or any defect, while inspecting the property, we’ll note that in the defect list and submit it to the builder through the owner.
  • We make sure that the builder resolves the issues as per the submitted pending list.
  • We also perform periodic supervision of work. And after all the issues are resolved, we do a final inspection of the property.
  • Once we make sure everything is alright, we take possession of the property on the behalf of the owner.

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What do we inspect while we take possession of your property from a builder in Hyderabad if you are not in Hyderabad?


We all know that documentation is of utmost importance. If any document is missing, it may cause problems in the future. So we make sure that we receive the original documents and photocopy of other necessary documents. Our team will check the documents carefully before taking keys from the builder. But at times, these amenities are not ready at the time of moving in.

Fixtures and fittings:

Before moving into the new property, the major concern for an owner is the fixtures and fittings. We make sure that all the fittings are done properly as promised by the builder. Whether it is switchboard, doorknobs, or bathroom fittings, all things should be fine. We need to make sure that the builder has used the same brand as promised by him.


Every owner expects that society has all the amenities mentioned by the builder. These amenities make your mental and social life better. Be it a gym, swimming pool, clubhouse, or park, it adds value to your property. But, at times, these amenities are not ready or delayed at the time of move-in. So, our team makes sure that all these amenities are ready before your possession.

Switches and plug points:

Our representative always checks that the switches and plug points are properly installed. Moreover, we make sure that all the switches and plug points are in working condition. Besides this, we check that the Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) is of good quality.

Wall paints and cracks:

Before possession, our representative checks the wall paints and cracks. We ensure that the walls are painted with a double coat and that no cracks or holes are present on the wall. We ensure that the builder uses good quality paint and no patches are found on any wall or ceiling.

Drainage outlets:

The most important thing that our representative checks are the drainage outlets. We make sure that there is no leakage from walls or in toilets or kitchen. Moreover, we ensure that the drainage pipes are properly fitted and working well.

Get all sets of keys:

Our representative receives all the keys from the builder before possession. Whether it is the main door, bathroom, or all the rooms, our representative makes sure that all keys are obtained.

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Are you still confused?

Don’t worry! We are here to deal with all your worries and provide you with the best services. Being the fastest-growing company in India, Housewise believes in truthfulness and transparency. We aim to provide services in a hassle-free manner and relieve your stress even if you are away from your property. So, contact Housewise now to avail the best services for your property!

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