Owning a house marks a sense of achievement in one’s life. Having a dream house gives you a feeling of security and satisfaction for you and your family. When you know that you have an asset of your own, that thought cannot be expressed in words. But, at times, because of some unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to take possession of your property from the builder. Those circumstances can arise due to some family emergency or personal or professional emergency. In that case, who should you consult? Who will take possession of your property if you are not present? In this case, how to take possession of  your property from a builder in Delhi if you are not in Delhi? If you are facing these issues, Housewise is here to resolve all your issues!

What all possession services are provided by Housewise?

a) Initial Inspection of property in order to check the completion of work. Here our team identifies any defective areas present and makes the list of all these defects.
b) After this, our team submits this list to the builder through the owner
c) We then follow-up with the builder to check how much work has been completed so far as per the pending list
d) Next we do the periodic supervision of work
e) Once all the work is done, our team does a final inspection of the property
f) Clearance for possession
g) Assistance in Possession formality

How do we do this?

a) After the owner or concerned party contacts us through our web portal- housewise.in we collect all the important details. Once the contract is signed, our team sends a confirmation mail to the owner.
b) Our Housewise representative contacts the builder and submits the proof of contract /agreement to take possession of the property on the owner’s behalf.  We make sure that no issue arises in the future for which the owner bears any consequences.
c) Once this process goes smoothly, our representative visits the property and inspect the property thoroughly to check completion of work. This way, our team identifies any defect points or incomplete areas.
d) If our representative finds any such issues, we submit the list of defective areas to the bd) uilder through the owner.
e) We follow this process until the builder resolves the issues as per the submitted pending list.
f) We follow-up regularly by supervising the work and once all the issues are resolved, we do a final inspection on the property.
g) Once we make sure everything is alright and completed, we take possession of the property on the behalf of the owner.

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What do we inspect while we take possession of the property from a builder in Delhi if you are not in Delhi?


Before we take keys from the builder, our representative ensures that all the documents- both original and photocopy are received from the builder. Documents like No Objection Certificate, Encumbrance certificate, Commencement Certificate, Completion Certificate, and all the other documents on your behalf are all received from the builder. Once we receive these documents, our team will thoroughly check the documents.

Fixtures and fittings

Our team ensures that all the plugs, switchboards, doorknobs, rods are properly fitted. It is made sure that the brand used is the same as that promised by the builder.


As you get more amenities in your society, the more is the value of your property. Amenities like gym, swimming pool, clubhouse, theater, play area, basketball court add beauty to the society. It not only increases the value but also urges the people staying over there to enjoy these recreational activities. Our team, before taking possession of the property ensures that all these amenities are provided on time and that too in working condition.

Wall paints and cracks:

Before taking possession of the property, our team ensures that the walls are properly painted with a double coat and there are no signs of any cracks, patches or any marks on the wall or ceilings.

Drainage outlets:

We always check that there are proper drainage outlets and there is no leakage or sewage problem. As in the future, these turn out to be major issues ultimately leading to large expenses. We check all the drainage outlets in your property and make sure that they are working well and not clogged.

Obtain all sets of keys:

After a thorough inspection of completion of work, we make sure that all sets of keys of the property are obtained. This includes the set of keys for your property from the maintenance agency too if they have one.

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Are you still having queries?

Housewise has answers to all your queries. As we offer services related to end-to-end, rental and customized management, we know what our client wants and our dedicated professional time works in the most efficient manner to give 100% satisfaction. We believe in transparency and serving our customers in a truthful manner. That is why, we have been ranked among the top 10 property management companies in India. You ask for it and we are happy to help you in the best possible manner.

Our team stays in constant touch with the owner throughout the whole process of taking possession of the property from a builder in Delhi if you are not in Delhi. We could also arrange a video call session to show you the property so that you can enjoy the beauty of your property yourself.

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