A person saves money throughout his life with a dream to own a house one day. And when that day arrives, it feels like a dream come true. That joy, happiness and excitement cannot be expressed by what an owner goes through. The owner can’t wait to take possession from the builder and wants to enter his dream home as soon as possible. But, under some circumstances, he is unable to take possession of your property from a builder in Chennai due to some or the reason.

It can be due to some family emergency or due to his work obligation that he is unable to leave his current place to take possession of his property. It becomes a hassle for him to manage everything and also to take possession from the builder while being away from the property. In that case, Housewise comes to your rescue. With its hassle-free services and trustworthy services, Housewise ranks among the top 10 property management companies in India.

So while you are away from Chennai and want to take possession of your property from the builder in Chennai, Housewise is here to help you!

What all possession services does Housewise provide?

a) Prefatory inspection of the property for the completion of work and find out any defective areas to be worked upon.
b) After the preliminary inspection, our team submits the list of defects to the builder via owner
c) We then follow-up with the builder for completion of work as per the pending list
d) Our team supervises the completion of work periodically
e) Next stage is the final inspection of the property
f) Lastly, the possession service involves clearance for possession followed by assistance in possession formality.

How do we do this?

a) When the owner or the concerned party contacts us through our portal housewise.in, our team collects all the required details. Once the contract is signed, we send a confirmation mail to the owner.
b) Our representative contacts the builder and submits the proof of agreement in order to take possession of the property on the owner’s behalf. Our team makes sure that there is no issue at any later stage and smooth handover takes place.
c) After the above process is held smoothly, we visit the property and inspect the property thoroughly in order to check whether the pending work is completed or not. This helps us find the defect areas if any.
d) If we find out any defect areas, we submit the list to the builder via owner.
e) We follow this process until the builder completes the work and resolves all the issues mentioned in the pending list.
f) Our team also follows-up by doing regular supervision of work. Once the issues are resolved, our team does a final inspection of the property.
g) As soon as our team ensures that everything has been fixed and there is no more defective point or area, we take possession of the property on behalf of the owner.

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What do we inspect while we take possession of your property from a builder in Chennai if you are not in Chennai?


Our team ensures that you receive original documents and photocopies before taking keys from the builder. Also all the important documents are obtained and thoroughly checked on behalf of the owner.

Fixtures and fittings:

After the documents are verified, the next thing that is taken into consideration is the checking of all the fixtures and fittings.We ensure that all the electrical switchboards, door knobs are fitted properly. We make sure that the builder has provided the same brand as promised at the time of booking.

Switches and Plug points:

Our team while doing inspection makes sure that the plugs, bulb holders and sockets are working properly and are connected to the main supply. We also check that the main fuse & plug points are properly working. Also, it is checked that MCB (Miniature circuit breaker) is of a good quality.


Amenities serve as a value addition for a society. Builders offer several amenities like a swimming pool, gym and clubhouse but at times, these are still in construction and it takes time for them to start. So, we make sure that these services are provided on time as per the agreement.

Wall paints and cracks:

Our team ensures that there are no cracks in the wall before taking possession of the property. It is checked that the wall paint used is of good quality. We also ensure that there are no scratches on the wall and ceilings.

Drainage outlets:

Drainage outlets are one of the main areas that you need to check before taking possession of a property. So, we ensure that the flat has proper drainage outlets and there is no leakage in the pipe. Our team checks that there is no water clogging or sewage problem. If any problem exists, we ask the builder to remove that defect on priority basis.

Obtain all sets of keys:

Once we complete this set of processes, we make sure to obtain all the set of keys of the property. This includes the set of keys for your property from the maintenance agency too if they have one. 

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Are you still having queries?

If you still have any doubt or still not convinced, then Housewise is here to resolve all your queries. We stay in constant touch with the owner throughout the process of taking possession of the property from the builder. We understand the value of your investment called home. That is why we ensure to give you 100% satisfaction by offering the best services. Be it end-to-end property management, rental customized property management, we serve you in the best possible manner. That is why Housewise ranks among the top 10 property management companies in India. So, for any possession related services, contact Housewise now!

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