Gone are the days when people used to pay rent through cash or cheque. Electronic methods were used rarely. But with the emerging technology, we can now pay our monthly rents with a credit card. Now, you don’t need to go anywhere to pay rent unlike earlier times where the tenant visited the landlord’s place to pay rent every month. Rent payment through credit card has made it convenient for every person as you don’t need to step outside your home and make payment by just a click of a button.

So if you want to pay rent through credit card and also earn reward points, we have a solution for you! But before that, let us understand why rent payment by credit card is beneficial. 

Benefits of paying rent through credit card:

1) Liquidity

You can use a credit card now and pay for your purchases later since credit cards. Every time you use your credit card, money is not immediately taken out of your savings account, keeping your bank balance intact.

2) Never miss a payment

Are you worried about missing a payment when you have to pay rent through cash? Every month, there is a tension of visiting the landlord to pay rent or the landlord coming to you to collect the rent. It not only saves time for both the parties, but also, there are no chances of missing a payment as you get monthly reminders.

3) Avail EMI option

You can now take advantage of the EMI option with the ability to rent payment through credit card, making it simple for both sides. Even before you make a payment, the EMI fees are readily visible.

4) Digital receipts

Housewise is here to ease your concerns and simplify your life. You can now pay your rent online with a credit card and receive a confirmation of the transaction through email or text message.

5) Secure Online Payments

Both the owner and the tenant have found it convenient to pay their rent online. You may now take advantage of payments that are 100 percent secure whenever and wherever you want, in the comfort of your own home.

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What are the modes of paying rent through a credit card?

1) Housewise.in

Housewise has added a new function that enables customers to pay rent using a credit card. Housewise maintains a transparent pricing and by allowing rent payments by credit card. Your landlord receives the payment after 3 working days. Customers can obtain up to 45 days of interest-free credit when paying their rent with credit cards.Moreover, when you pay rent through credit card on Housewise, you get the lowest convenience fee in the market, that is 1.6% (all inclusive).

Learn more: Pay rent with Credit Card at Housewise

2) RedGiraffe

Redgirraffe is a financial and real estate company in India, which offers rent payment by credit card services. The advantages of RedGirraffe RentPay include a 45–56 day free credit period, reward points, and cashbacks. It will take at least 2 days to reach money to your landlord. There is a minor bank transaction charge of 0.39% every transaction.


You may use CRED for rent payment in a few simple steps with no difficulties. You can now pay rent through credit cards, and also, the CRED app lets you earn good deals and discounts. Rent payments by credit card gets you an interest-free grace period and reward coins. There is a small transaction fee to use the CRED rent payment service. Depending on the credit card network, this cost could be between 1 and 1.5 percent.

4) PhonePe

PhonePe makes online payments quick and easy. Users of PhonePe can also use their credit card to pay their rent. On PhonePe, customers may use credit cards to pay their rent and receive up to 45 days of interest-free credit while also earning rewards on their cards. For making a payment to or using the PhonePe Platform, the bank may charge you a fee or any other processing fees.

5) Paytm

When you pay rent through credit card via Paytm, you’ll avail benefits like cashback, get reward points, and take advantage of interest-free credit terms up to 45 days depending on your payment cycle. It may take up to 2 working days for the payment to appear in your recipient’s bank account. Some payment options, such as credit cards, are subject to fees from Paytm.

Housewise also offers rental management services In India.

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