A person who owns the property pays the property tax which is used for the development of infrastructural facilities of the state like sewage treatment, roads, drainage treatment, etc. In every state, the property tax is different. A person can avail many benefits with the regular payment of property tax like settling of property dues or availing any loan facilities. Also, we have an option to pay property tax online as well as offline.

Online process

STEP 1: Visit the portal https://ghmc.gov.in/
STEP 2: When you scroll down the page, you’ll see the option “Property Tax Dues Know”. Click on that option.
On the home page, you can select Online Payments > Property Tax.
STEP 3: Once you click on the above option, click on property tax. It’ll show the following categories: 
a) Property tax payment
b) Property search options
c) Print receipts
When you select the Option (a), you’ll find the page like this:

STEP 4: Enter the PTI No. (Property Tax Identification Number) and registered mobile number and click on get OTP.
STEP 5: When you click on Get OTP, a new cell will appear on the same page “Enter OTP”. Once you enter the OTP, click on Submit
STEP 6: You will then find all the details- PTI No., Name of the property owner, Locality & amount of property tax to be paid. 
STEP 7: Enter your email ID and select the payment gateway & click on “Proceed to online payment”.
STEP 8: Enter your card details & continue. An OTP will be generated on the registered mobile number. Enter that OTP and make payment. A request number will be generated for your future reference. You can also get a receipt by selecting “Print Receipts” as mentioned in Step 3 by entering the PTI Number.

Offline Process

Nowadays with the emerging technology, all the services can be availed online. But, in case of offline payment of property tax, the property owner can visit the Citizen service centers or MeeSeva centers (Link attached here).

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