Owning a property is like a dream come true. Taking possession is the final stage of owning a property. When you step inside your dream home, it feels like you have fulfilled all your wishes. But at times, the owner may not be able to take possession of the property from the builder. There are several reasons for that. Some of the reasons can be:

The owner could not move to another city due to some emergency in the family
There might be some official duties due to which the owner could not take the possession

In these situations, the role of Housewise begins. Housewise is India’s fastest-growing property management company. So if you are in Gurugram and are unable to take possession of your property from a builder? Housewise will help you in the most efficient manner.

What possession services does Housewise provide?

Preliminary inspection of the property. In this, our team identifies any defective points or incomplete work
Once the team identifies the defect areas, we make a list and submit it to the builder (through the owner)
Regular follow-up with the builder. We do this to check the completion of incomplete work
Periodic supervision of work
Final inspection of the property
Clearance for possession
Help in Possession formality

How does Housewise work in this case?

When the owner contacts us through our web portal, we ask him all the relevant details. Once the contract is signed, we send a confirmation mail to the owner.
To avoid any dispute or any issue in the future, our representative contacts the builder thereby submitting the proof of agreement/contract to take possession of the property on behalf of the owner.
After the completion of the above process, our team visits the property. It then does a thorough inspection of the work done and also of the important documents. This makes us identify the defect points and report to the builder.
In case our representative comes across any defect, we submit that list to the builder.
We do regular follow-ups till the issues are resolved by the builder.
Once all the issues are resolved, our team does a final inspection of the property.
After the final inspection and complete satisfaction, we take possession of the property on behalf of the owner.

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What do we inspect while we take possession of your property from a builder in Gurugram if you are not in Gurugram?

Fixtures and Fittings:

Our team checks that the property has all the necessary fixtures and fittings. All the switchboards are fitted, door knobs are rust-free, bathroom fittings are properly done, etc.

We ensure that the products of the same brand are used as promised by the builder.

Proper Water and Electricity facility:

Our team makes sure that the property/flat has proper utilities. We make sure that there is a 24/7 running water and electricity supply.

Proper Drainage Connection:

We ensure that the property has a proper drainage connection in place. We make sure that the drainage outlets are not clogged and are functioning well.


The builders promise to offer amenities like a clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, and play area for kids. But, at times, there is a delay in these services due to some reason. So, we at Housewise, ensure that these amenities are ready, completed, and functioning.


Before taking the keys from the builder, our team ensures that all the original documents and their photocopies are received from the builder. We receive all important documents like the:

No Objection Certificate,

Encumbrance certificate,

Commencement certificate,

completion certificate

and all other important documents on the owner’s behalf our team will check these documents in a thorough manner.

Wall paints and cracks:

Another important point that needs to be taken into consideration is the checking of wall paints and cracks. Our team ensures that there is no patch on the wall and all the walls are painted properly having a double coat. We make sure that there are no cracks in the foundation, ceilings, or walls.

Get all sets of keys:

Once a thorough inspection of the property is done and all the repair work (if any) is completed, we get all the sets of keys from the builder.

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Are you still in doubt?

Are you still confused? You need not worry as Housewise will take care of every single detail while taking possession of your property from a builder. When you fulfill a dream of owning a property, we make our best possible efforts to convert that dream into a reality by offering you with our best services. To give you complete satisfaction, our team will stay in constant touch with you. Also, we will update you with the status of possession on a regular basis. If you wish, our representative will video call you and give you a home tour of your property.

Housewise aims to serve you in a hassle-free manner and that is why we have been ranked among the top 10 property management companies in India. So, worried about how to take possession of your property while being away from it? Housewise is there to help you with maximum support services ultimately giving you a pleasant experience!

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