Are you renting a property in Thane? If yes, so you should below in mind while signing a rent agreement?

Thane is a popular city to rent a place for residential or commercial properties. Even though nearly lakhs of Thane residents sign registered rent agreements every day, disputes are common.

So to avoid any disputes, keep certain things clear:

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1. Inspection of property:

While visiting a property, keep a note of all the damages and maintenance required. Make sure to ask the landlord to repair it beforehand. Failure to keep this record may subject you to liability for damages, and the landlord may deduct the security deposit.

2. Clear discussion with the landlord:

Discuss your responsibilities with your landlord and ask the right questions.

  1. Who will be responsible for paying for future maintenance?
  2. Can you make any temporary changes to the premises?

3. Reading the agreement carefully:

While signing a registered rent agreement in Thane, it is important to read the conditions and clauses carefully.

  1. Duration of the agreement
  2. Termination
  3. Advance rent payment
  4. Security deposit

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4. Payment and late charges:

The name of the payee and date of payment should be confirmed while making an online rental agreement in Thane. This will avoid future confusion and result in smooth monthly transactions.

  1. What is the penalty for a late rent payment?
  2. What will be the most suitable mode of transfer?

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