What is Khata?

Khata is the account of the owner of a property in Bangalore.

The Khata is explained by way of two documents – Khata Certificate, Khata Extract

Khata Certificate – This document identifies the ownership of property. This document can be used for applying for water connection, electricity connection etc.

Khata Extract – This document is more detailed and provides information about the property such as size, location, utilization of property etc. This document is linked to the calculation of property tax as well.

Khata Registration – When a property(say apartment) is built newly, there is no Khata yet of the apartment. Hence a Khata registration needs to happen for the Khata to be made available

Khata Transfer – When the ownership of the property is transferred, obviouly property account needs to be updated in Govt records. This process is called Khata transfer.

Different kinds of Khata –

  • A Khata – If a property khata is A Khata, its means its legal, it will allow you to construct on it, obtain loan
  • B Khata – If a property is not legal BBMP gives B Khata so that at least the property tax can be collected. Naturally, B Khata is only a temporary measure.
  • E Khata – This type of Khata is given to properties in Gram Panchayat areas

Conversion from B Khata to A – If the legal iregularities are resolved, B Khata can be converted to A Khata.

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