Can a rent agreement for passport applicants be used as a document? Yes, permanent address has always been a hurdle for the tenants who want to apply for their passports. Before the new law pertaining to address proof for passport application was passed, tenants faced a lot of problems. Passport applicants living as tenants needed to attach only the permanent address proof.

To resolve this issue, the government has passed a law that allows tenants to use rent agreement as valid address proof for passport application. Let us now briefly discuss what is rent agreement.

What is rental agreement?

A rental agreement is a legal contract that possesses all the terms and conditions between the tenant and landlord. A rent agreement contains vital information such as tenure period, the amount, the basis of payment, rules and regulations and so on. It is very crucial to protect your rights both as a tenant and landlord by drafting a proper rental agreement.

Acceptance of rental agreement for passport applicants

In 2015 notification, the Govt of India stated that even the rent agreements of less than one month will be considered as valid address proof for passport application. 

Important points in the rent agreement for passport applicants

The two most important points that must be included in the rent agreement for passport applicants are:

  • Description of house, floor number and full address details.
  • Personal as well as professional details of the tenant.

In case the applicant stayed at the present address for less than one year, he/she has to merely furnish other addresses during the last one year and no address proof for the old addresses.

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