There is an online provision on Mahavitran for changing the name in the Electricity Bill. Follow the below mentioned process.

STEP 1: Open the browser
STEP 2: Click on Consumer Portal
STEP 3: You will find an option “View & Pay Bills Online”. Click on this option
STEP 4: If you are a new user, then click on “New User Registration” given on the left side of the portal. Fill out the form with your name, Mobile Number, Email address, Login name, and password & submit.
STEP 5: Now click on Login and enter your login name, password, and captcha code. 
*NOTE: If you are an old user, you can skip STEP 4 and follow STEP 5.
STEP 6: Once you Login, you’ll see the consumer number, your name, and electricity bill amount.
STEP 7: Below that, you’ll see many options like Change name, change address, Service request, History, etc. Click on “Change name”. Also, select the consumer number for proceeding further.
STEP 8: Once you proceed, you’ll see FORM U- Change of Name. It shows the Instructions for filling out the form. Read the instructions carefully.
STEP 9: You’ll see the details of the old consumer below the instructions. Now fill in the details of the new consumer (Name, email address, phone number, Aadhar Card number)
STEP 10: Now select the reason for transfer/ correction in the name.
STEP 11: Select any one document you want to submit:
a) Occupancy certificate issued by the statutory body/ Competent Authority
b) Ownership document
c) Certified copy of Corresponding Legal Document (In case of inheritance/ succession/ will/ gift deed)
d) Certificate of Incorporation issued as per the provision of Companies Act, 1956
e) Affidavit/ Gazette notification for himself (In case of applicant himself has changed his name)
f) Legal document supporting letting and NOC of the owner (In case of premises is let out to the applicant)
STEP 12: Click on declaration and enter the place.
STEP 13: Upload the document selected in Step 11 and submit.

A request number will be generated. You can check the status by using this request number given. It takes around one to two months to complete this process. After 1-2 months, the new name will be updated in the electricity bill. 

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