Renting a property is a tiring task, and if you are a new landlord, it is even more complicated. All clauses and conditions in the rental agreement must be mentioned clearly. So, what mistakes should landlords avoid while making a registered rent agreement in Maharashtra?

Read below and find answers.

3 mistakes to avoid as a landlord:

1. Registered rent agreement in Maharashtra:

In Maharashtra, despite the time of the agreement, registration of the rent agreement is mandatory. A verbal agreement or notarization has no legal standing in court and is not admissible as proof in the event of a dispute. If the Maharashtra rent agreement is not registered, the landlord must pay a penalty and, in some cases, jail time up to 3 months.

2. Refuse to repair:

  1. It is the duty of the landlord to do repairs and maintenance before renting out the property. 
  2. If the landlord refuses to repair, then the tenant can do the repair work and deduct the amount from the rent.

This clauses should be mentioned in the Maharashtra Rent Agreement.

The law requires landlords to perform periodic inspections. In addition, if the landlord fails to provide or cuts necessary services such as electricity and water, he or she may face a fine and imprisonment.

3. Eviction conditions:

A landlord must include the condition of eviction in the registered rent agreement. The tenant has rights against unfair eviction, and a notice period is required before the eviction date.

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