The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai also known as Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is one of the richest municipal corporations in India. It has a vast administrative structure. It collects the Property tax from the property owners to work on the infrastructural facilities such as drainage system, sewage system and road facilities, etc. The process for payment of property tax is given as follows.

A. Online process

It is divided into two categories- 

CASE I: If you know the Property Account Number

CASE II: If you don’t know the Property Account number

CASE I: If you know the property account number

STEP 1: Visit the portal
STEP 2: When you scroll down, on the left side of the page you’ll find “Property Tax (New)”. Click on this option. You’ll see the instructions mentioned, you can read it and click on Skip.
STEP 3: Under the CVS Login- Enter the Property Account No. and captcha code and Login.
** NOTE: 
If you don’t have any outstanding amount pending i.e. your tax payment status is up to date, then click on OK. In the other case when there is an outstanding bill when you login, it’ll show you the amount of property tax due.
There is an option of “View Bill”. When you select that and click on “detail”, you will find the bill summary i.e the bill break up, calculation, slab is given clearly.
STEP 4: When you scroll down, you can see the outstanding amount and mention the amount you want to pay i.e. you can customize the amount.
STEP 5: Click on “Online Payment” and read the note mentioned below the online payment.
***NOTE: If you have any arrears, the oldest bill will be cleared first. FIFO method is followed here.
STEP 6: When you click on the payment option, some terms and conditions are given. Read the terms & conditions properly and select “I Agree” to proceed further
STEP 7: Now select the payment gateway and click on “Pay Now”. Select your bank from the banking option and click on “Make Payment”.
STEP 8: A request number will be generated after the payment for your future reference.

CASE II: How to pay property tax without property account number

STEP 1: Go to the same portal as mentioned in Part A 
STEP 2: Click on property tax (New) and skip the pop-up
STEP 3: There is a search option next to the login button under CVS login
STEP 4: Click on Search > Select the ward option
** Note: Either you have to give the billing name on who’s the property billing will be done 
Assessee name in whose the property is registered (You have to give minimum 5 characters of the name)
STEP 5: Scroll down and click on search
STEP 6: Once you find your property, click on Select> Skip the pop-up> Property account number will appear (Note the property account number for future reference)
STEP 7: Now you can proceed with the process mentioned in Part A, STEP 3 onwards and make the payment.

NOTE: This article has been written under the guidance of MCGM service operator and is an updated information.

B. Offline process

You can pay the property tax offline by visiting any nearest BMC help centers. The list of help centers is shared in this link (

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