In a progressively advanced world, different regulatory forms have ended up more open and helpful, and the enlistment of lease assertions is no exception. Gone are the days of standing in long lines and managing printed material at government workplaces. Presently, you’ll check the status of an enlisted lease assertion and indeed enrol one online with ease. In this article, we’ll direct you to how to check a registered rent agreement online and how to register a rent agreement online.

Why you need Rent Agreement Registration Online ?

  • You do not need to go to the government office for registration and license agreements.
  • @ Home Services Register your rental agreement online.
  • Your personal information is very safe when you enter the same information into the online rental agreement form on the government website.
  • Electronic record of registration and authorization is available for all government-related business.
  • Easy information
  • Relevant and fast service

Benefits of Registered Rent Agreement 

  1. It works in RTO for getting driving licenses, for getting PAN cards and Aadhar cards.
  2. Works for Bank Account opening in any country.
  3. A registration agreement can be entered into in court under the Registration Act 1908. This also provides security to the owners.

How to register for the rent agreement online?

Only rent agreements longer than one year need to be recorded. Other contracts of less than one year (e.g. 11 months) may be underwritten by the insurer and secured by payment of the liability.

So, the process of how to register for the rent agreement online is as follows: 

  1. The tenant and the landlord must sign the written parts of the rental agreement.
  2. Signatures of two witnesses are required, regardless of tenant or landlord.
  3. After this, the landlord and tenant must meet at the sub-registrar’s office.
  4. For verification, both the tenant and the landlord are required to bring a large passport and ID card, as well as two witnesses.
  5. Other persons or agencies cannot sign the rental agreement.
  6. Stamp duty registration is done after payment of stamp duty:

Steps to check the registered rent agreement online

Reviewing a rent agreement online often depends on the rules and regulations of your country or region. The process may also differ depending on whether the rental agreement is registered by the state or a private institution. Here are some general steps you can follow for how to check the registered agreement online:

  • Identify the relevant agency: Determine which organization or institutions are responsible for recording the document rental agreement in your area. This could be a local municipal agency, housing authority or similar office.

  • Visit the official website: Visit the official website of the relevant organization. You can usually find this information by doing an online search using keywords like “rent agreement” and the name of your city or region.

  • Create an account: Some websites may require you to create an account or log in first. You can access information regarding the rental agreement. Follow the registration process if necessary.

  • Find a rental agreement: Search for the section of the website that allows you to search for rent agreements. This section may be labelled “Product Information,” “Security Analysis,” or similar.

  • Enter required details: Enter required details to search for rental agreements. In general, you will need to provide information such as address, names of landlords and tenants, and date of registration.

  • Return information: After providing the required details, the following information should be displayed on the website: Rental agreement, including registration date and content language of the parties involved.

  • Download or print: Depending on the functionality of the website, you may be able to download or print a copy of the rental agreement for your records.

  • Show Data: To do this, double-check the message. Make sure it matches your interests in the rent agreement. Note any inconsistencies or errors.

  • Contact Authorities: If you encounter problems or cannot find information online, please contact the appropriate government agency for assistance. They can guide or provide access to the information you need.


While offline rental agreement registration is the traditional method, online rental agreement registrations have grown in popularity due to their convenience while remaining legal and valid.

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