What’s a modular kitchen? Basically, a kitchen that you can take with you when you switch homes. Utilizing every corner of the room to add customised (not to mention detachable) storage units for all your kitchen accessories, it may just make you want to start a cooking channel. And yes, it can be as expensive as it sounds. So if you wish to have a modular kitchen for your home, would you call your local carpenter or shell out some more bucks and get a known brand to do it? Don’t sweat it. Let’s simply weigh out the pros and cons for branded vs unbranded kitchen to see what’s best for you.

Unbranded Modular Kitchen 

Here your designer is your trusted carpenter. One good thing about working with your carpenter is that you’re already familiar with the way he works. The designing and assembly of the storage units, all happens in front of you. So if something isn’t how you pictured it, ask your carpenter to change it right away. He may not be happy about it, but he’ll do it. 


  1. Higher bargaining power in fixing the overall cost, making it affordable.
  2. Better customisation while designing the units (You call the shots).
  3. Local carpentry is an age-old and reliable method of building kitchens.
  4. Carpenters are more easily available than branded modular kitchen builders.


  1. The quality of the material and finishing may not be as good as of a branded kitchen.
  2. It might be hard to explain to the carpenter the modern-looking kitchen you’re going for.
  3. The noise and dust from the construction can be too much to bear, since everything happens at your home.

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Branded Modular Kitchen

Godrej, Kohler or Johnson Kitchens. As soon as you hear a brand name attached to a service, you don’t even bother thinking about the quality, reliability or the durability of the materials used. But sometimes this might be enough for a homeowner to go the other way because of the preconceived notion about their price (It’s going to be the new iPhone or the kitchen this year). 


  1. Designed by professionals adhering to company standards, branded modular kitchens give a minimalist look to your kitchen by utilising the smallest of spaces for storage.
  2. All sharp edges on the counters are edge banded with a strip of wood or PVC for a sleek and modern look.
  3. Since a branded modular kitchen is factory made, your property stays noise and dust free. Once the units are ready, they are simply installed in your home, without any fuss.
  4. Reputed modular kitchen manufacturing brands offer good warranty periods, making parts replacement fairly easy if damaged.
  5. Brands use termite free materials like treated wood or PVC, making them durable.


  1. A branded modular kitchen is way more expensive than a carpenter made kitchen.
  2. Once the design is finalised, no changes can be made.
  3. Sometimes the finished product may not turn out exactly as planned.
  4. The glossy finish of the kitchen, if not maintained regularly, may turn dull.

Branded vs Unbranded Kitchen 

Branded modular kitchenUnbranded modular kitchen
ExpensiveNo scope for customisation once the design is finalisedRequires maintenance to retain the glossy finishThe material used is of high quality 
Decent warranty period offered
Relatively cheaperGreater scope for customisation throughout the processMay not require as much maintenanceQuality of the material used may not be as good as of a branded kitchenCarpenter-made kitchens don’t come with a warranty period.

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So which one to go for in the branded vs unbranded kitchen debate?

If you have the money, go for a branded modular kitchen. The decluttered look, use of high-quality material, warranty period offers and the brand name attached, do make such kitchens worth the money. However, if fancy is not something you’re interested in and you trust your local carpenter enough, by all means, go for the unbranded version. The branded vs unbranded kitchen discussion boils down to how well you’ve planned the layout of your kitchen and that you’re familiar with the materials to be used. So go ahead and give your kitchen a makeover!

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