India is home to paint brands of every level – high end, middle, low – catering to needs of various price points. For middle to high income groups, following are the top 5 paint companies in alphabetical order:

Top 5 paint companies in India

1. Asian Paints

2. Berger Paints

3. Dulux Paints

4. Indigo Paints

5. Nerolac Paints

There are few new paint companies like JSW Paints, Kamdhenu Paints, Nippon Paints etc. But we can stick to the above 5 for our analysis

Best Quality Paint 

If you are looking for top of the end paint with best technology and R & D behind it, Dulux should be your choice. Dulux part of one of the largest chemical company on the planet and spends on R & D.

Since you might have heard of Asian Paints, Berger and Nerolacmore than Dulux, it might appear as a surprise that our recommendation is Dulux. 

Asian, Berger and Nerolac have been around for some time and have decent marketing budget but not so much to talk about in terms of R & D. But when it comes to R & D and product quality, Dulux is the best.

The cost of Asian and Berger appear lower, but considering the fact that Dulux has only a little incremental higher cost, our vote goes to Dulux. 

Photo by Malte Luk from Pexels

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