What are the benefits of paying the rent with a credit card? How to save money while making rent payments through a credit card?

Our relatives lent us money and asked us to pay them later. Credit cards work on the same model of “borrow now, pay later”. The only difference is that a bank lends you money, not a relative. It is a convenient way to take care of expenses before the month’s end. It is cash-in-advance.

Why is rent payment via credit card so hyped?

Rent is a recurring expense with a higher digit amount. And failing to pay it on the due date can cause a dispute with the landlord. Rent payment via credit card is convenient for both the landlord and the tenant.

But borrowing does not come for free. Every loan has an interest!

What fees are charged? Is rent payment through a credit card without charges possible?

Every transaction from a credit card has a convenience fee. Just like interest on the loan.

So, how to avoid these charges?

Choose a platform for transactions that has the cheapest convenience fee, like Housewise. Housewise has the lowest convenience charge of 1%. And these charges come back to you in the form of rewards points and cashback.

For instance, if the rent is INR 20,000 and rent payment by credit card fee is INR. 200, Then you will receive rewards points and cashback, which will cover the charges you paid.

Additionally, it has a 45-day no-interest period. This means a loan without any interest. Housewise is the cheapest platform for rent payment through credit cards.

Housewise helps you avoid interest charges and save more!

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